About Us

Equimatics Engineering Sdn Bhd has developed and implemented a quality management system to demonstrate its ability to provide good quality combined services and products that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

With the combined expertise of our partners and our dynamic home-grown team, we can keep you ahead in the playing field

We are located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s technological development area. With the best technology grown in Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor, we provide rapid solution and excellent service including marketing, engineering, project implementation, technical support, spare part and inventory, maintenance contracts and research and development. With the combined expertise of our partners and our dynamic home-grown team, we can keep you ahead in the playing field.

Our expertise is in integrated SCADA and monitoring system. Combining sophisticated software with intelligent Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), our systems bring your remote facilities even closer to home by providing telemetry, real-time motion video images and integration of various other systems. This approach harnesses the maximum potential of the SCADA network and communications link, as well as providing the critical business intelligence for the modern business world. Our SCADA System can be used for remote monitoring and control of field equipment in oil & gas production & distribution, utilities, telecommunications, transportation, material handling and building services.

Subsequently, with the increasing of public awareness toward safety issues and obligatory government regulation, as well as growing equipment requirements for the security and crime prevention system, Equimatics has decided to venture into the growing market, thus resulting in the establishment of the security solution based Integrated Monitoring System (IMS). In this sector we specialize in design, integration and implementation of security solution such as Close Circuit TV, Card Access and Smart Home Alarm & Automation Systems. As a well rounded system integrator, our main target market are high end residential, power substation and commercial developments. As of to date IMS has been successfully implemented in many projects with the integration of all above mention systems.

Nowadays technology problems don’t jeopardize your sleep, business problems do. Our research is thus deeply influenced by your business needs. Our target? Delivering state-of-the-art SCADA and Security solutions that advance your business objectives. It is ingrained in our corporate culture to provide the best of end-to-end service. Design, engineering, integration and implementation – we do them all.