Compact and Robust NVR

The MatriVideo™ C2 NVR Series was designed for the distinctive needs of distributed enterprise installations with centralized management. Each NVR can support from 4 to 9 IP camera channels and has 2 swappable HDDs. Its compact size is ideal for installations with limited space availability. Multiple MatriVideo™ C2 NVRs can be connected via a network to allow both on-site and off-site management. And with their cost effective pricing, they can affordably be installed across multiple locations making it the ideal NVR for today’s distributed retail business model.

Product Features

-> Space Efficient Size:  24 (L) x 13.1 (W) x 12.6 (H) (cm)
-> Equipped with 2 swappable hard disk drives
-> Supports various video compression formats and resolution of IP cameras
-> Stable and secure application on Linux OS
-> SDK API ready for integration with POS, Access Control and Building Automation systems.
-> Spot Monitor Video Output