In the past, individual security system operates independently. This creates operational and logistical issues and even congestion in the control room which can result in compromise security, inefficient operation and in crease cost. Equimatics Engineering Sdn. Bhd has solved this and has become a leader in providing solution for an Integrated Monitoring System.

Our solutions merge equipments and technology of individual systems such as CCTV, Card Access Control, Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Alarm Handling System into one small but sophisticated administrative security entity. Command and Control Solutions utilize functional analysis and detailed design, translating management’s operational concept into an integrated, technical reality. They detect incidents, trigger alarm and provide real-time information flow. Intricately combined technologies gather the incident-related information for effective Command and Control decision-making.

As technology keeps advancing, Equimatics Engineering will also continued to strive for excellence by upgrading and updating ourselves with the latest technology has to offer.