SCADA System

We provide complete and cost effective SCADA solutions as well as maintenance package and efficient technical supports. Our SCADA solution is suitable for many type of industries either for simple remote monitoring or complex process and control. Our package utilize locally designed and developed Human Machine Interface (HMI) software and Remote Terminal Unit (RTU). Both products have been installed locally and overseas in the industry such as water and sewage treatment, oil and gas, rail, power, utilities and telecommunications .

Our strength is reliable, flexible and scalable HMI and RTU that are customizable for any customer specific application. Our software runs on windows, UNIX and web based and comes with the following features:

- High performance 2D and 3D graphics

- User friendly configuration and runtime interface

- Support standard industrial communication protocols: IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-104, Modbus TCP/ASCII/RTU, DNP3 , OPC server/client

- Flexible, configurable and multi-layers alarm functions

- Programmable logic and calculation via Ladder Logic or Structured Text (ST) programming

- Communication options: TCP/IP, Ethernet, LAN/WAN, GSM, GPRS, DSL, SMS etc.

- SCADA Master disaster recovery solution

- High performance real time database and automatic synchronization of the database across SCADA master machines and HMIs

- High level of fault tolerant for redundant and distributed architecture

- Integrated multiple language support


We have a range of RTU products that are capable of handling small, medium to large scale systems with thousands of I/O. The RTU are built to be robust and can withstand even the harshest environment. The cards were designed to be either plate or rack mount. The CPU cards utilize the latest microprocessors and the I/Os supports all the standard and customized application specific interface. The firmware are based on open source operating systems thus freeing us from the constraint and high cost of commercial products.


Computers with SCADA software


Any third party communications medium integrated into the

SCADA system to enable communications between the Master

Station and Remote Sites


RTU’s connected to field devices, equipment, monitors, sensors, video

cameras, etc.